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Luxury Seaside Mediterranean Villa. Aesthetically Pleasing, Modern and Eco-Friendly. Harmonizing with the Anatolian Coast.

The extraordinary Sufi mystic and poet Rumi once said “Love cannot be described. It must be tasted.” He said these words over 700 years ago, yet people till this day still spend time and energy searching for the perfect definition of love. After I spent twenty-five years of Building Construction for both the City and State of New York, I came to find the SEKI Villages of Side/Antalya and fell in love with this mystical hamlet. I decided this will be the locale of a dream home.

I found an empty natural space offering dramatic topography, fabulous views overlooking the Taurus Mountains of the Mediterranean Sea. I asked the Architect, Mrs. Serap Rehber, ‘Is it possible to expose the home to the views and yet keep privacy at the same time?’ With this ideology in mind we strategically placed the home, so it projects off the hill as much as possible, seeking the grandeur Anatolia has to offer. These views are immediately unveiled once entering the home, providing a full panoramic view of the 9,500 m2 private Pine tree forest valley of SEKI and the Mediterranean Sea. The design is a great lesson on how intelligent contemporary architecture can harmonize into a historic neighborhood. Thanks to the greatly experienced architectural offices of Kayra Architecture and Mrs. Rehber, we used every available square inch, however still paid homage to the heritage-centric neighbors, from the delicate placement of the windows to the home’s gracious meeting with the village’s road.

After I started to my dream project of MAVI KONAK of SEKI, then my son Tarik R.Celik desire to be my partner then instead of building one now we build total of 5 Villas in the Habitant Mediterranean village of SEKI.My son Tarik has hired a young ambitious hard working Architec Huseyin SERT have beautifully designed 4 villas accordingly Turkish government rules and regulation of protected SEKI village. Then we have decided names of 4 villas of locally grooving flower’s name as

  • AKASYA(Acacia)
  • LAVANTA (Lavender)
  • MANOLYA(Magnolia)
  • YASEMIN(Jasmine)

MAVI KONAK is Rustic, sleek, colorful… these stunning modern exteriors of the eco-friendly villa are anchored into the natural landscapes using granites, stones, and woods combined with a lower level walk out facing the 2.3 Acre private forest.

Overlook the master bedroom with balcony to a dramatic 22-foot-high ceiling open floor plan allowing the home’s common spaces to soar, while the bedrooms and living room tucked at either end are as cozy and intimate as the surrounding sun-kissed dreamscapes.

In a few years this home will be more “Facing the past, Shaping the future” than most of the homes in the area—with the neighborhood now under the rules of Turkey’s National Historic & Protected District—this kind of well-crafted modern architecture can no longer be built in SEKI Village. From the geothermal heat pump to the rainwater-recovery toilet flushing system and 10-kilowatt solar array selling power back to the grid; this home features a catalog of contemporary sustainability technologies. The remarkable architectural Eco Home will be producing an average of 12 kilowatt hours of electricity while using only seven daily.

As their latest design, the O2Haus, is a smartly designed Passive House duplex that employs all the necessary devices to send equal amounts of power back to the grid: triple-glazed tilt-and-turn windows, a heat pump system, as well as heat recovery ventilators. On the mechanical side, the fresh air pulled in through the heat-recovery ventilator (HRV) receives effortless pre-cooling from the heat-pump water heater on hot days. O2Haus encourages us to minimize our impact on our environment and always strive to be efficient, reducing our energy usage, waste and carbon footprint.

The home is a series of grand spaces, many of them outdoors, which permit 180-degree views of the surrounding comforting landscapes. The uninterrupted east-to-west facing expanses of floors, large windows ascending to ceilings, and the sliding glass doors opening to your private swimming pool and terrace; if you are looking for a relaxing seaside getaway with private and natural splendors, look no further. Welcome home.

Michael B. Celik

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