10 Top Reasons Book a Private Villa

1. Privacy

Away from prying eyes, you can be yourself in a private villa. The entire villa is yours for the duration of your stay. Wear what you want, sing on the top of your voice and no one will bat an eye. The villa staff is discreet but if you prefer them to only show up during meal service, the Villa Manager can arrange for that too. No wonder celebrities favour villa vacations versus all others.

2. Safety and hygiene

The pandemic has made us more conscious of health and hygiene standards. As we start dipping our toes in the world of travel again, one of the main concerns for travellers is the health of their family. Luxury villas give you peace of mind in this regard. Villa15 adheres to strict hygiene controls and cleaning procedures.The health and well-being of our guests remain our top priority.


3. Exclusive use of facilities

Feel queasy at the thought of sharing a public pool with myriad other strangers? That’s why villas shall always trump resorts and hotels. All villa facilities such as a private swimming pool, jacuzzi, air-conditioned gym, games room, or home cinema are for your group’s exclusive use. No need to adhere to a time slot to use the facilities. Maintenance and sanitation of the facilities is guaranteed and the Villa15 Manager can arrange for private trainers, yoga sessions or spa therapists on request.

No more do you need to line up outside a restaurant for a meal or a pool shack waiting for a towel. Sun loungers? There are always plenty of them available for your use. From waiting for things and services, get used to being waited on. That’s the joy of the Villa Life.


4. Remote work

The view from your office just got an upgrade. No more dull and long days working from your house or office. Check into a villa15 for a long stay and you can continue working from home, surrounded by all the comforts of a luxurious stay. Villa15 have a well-equipped and have high-speed WiFi so you can easily log in on office days. With plenty of places to spread out, kids can continue their remote schooling too. Take those conference calls, without having to change the background, your reality will be enviable as it is!


5. Personal service

You can even have your own private chef. They work as a seamless team to create an extraordinarily luxurious villa vacation – just for you. Friendly yet professional, villa15 may manage ti hire chef for your need. Always ready to serve with a smile, you will end up befriending all of them and when you head home, it will feel like you’re leaving family behind.


6. Decadent meals, cooked to taste

Bored of standard room service orders? When you stay in a private luxury villa, meals are never a dull affair. Your private in-villa chef can whip up your favourites in a jiffy, customised to your tastes and preferences. Even the pickiest of kids love the delicious, child-friendly meals that our chefs prepare. Breakfast by the pool? Snacks to go with your wine? Green tea before you call it a night? You dream it and the staff will take care of it.


7. Kids are welcomed with open arms

Let kids be kids and run around to their heart’s content. Within the safe enclave of a private villa, you never have to worry about your kids wandering away or meeting strangers. Families are welcomed with open arms at our villas your children will never want to leave. Kids being happy takes half the stress out of your vacation, doesn’t it?


8. Oh, the space

Sure, the hotel’s gorgeous but at the end of the day, you’re limited to the four walls of your room. On the other hand, a villa is your own private property for the duration of your stay. Spread out and enjoy the space. Bring the family, and some friends too – there’s plenty of room for everyone, without anyone being in each other’s way


9. Live like home, minus the housework

Vacations and long stays may sometimes end up being tedious affairs with you having to tidy up behind yourself, lug your stuff around the resort and entertain the kids 24/7. Not so in villa stays. Live as you would at home when you stay with us. Leave your book by the pool to come back to later, Dishes magically disappear after a meal and the washing machine is handy. Babysitters can be hired to keep an eye on the tots, to keep them entertained while you get that blissful massage in the poolside gazebo or spend time in the study catching up on your emails.


10. The villa15 Concierge

Staying at an Villa15 comes with the innumerable benefits of Concierge services. We would be happy to suggest and help to hire you service, book and arrange for all those things. Villa15 management will go a long way in making your holiday memorable. From on-ground transport, tours and excursions, and cultural experiences, to restaurant recommendations and reservations.